Responsible Investment

As investors, we are aware that our impact on the environment and society manifests itself first and foremost through our investment decisions. The choices we make in allocating funds and constructing portfolios allow investors like us to be a powerful engine behind a just transition towards a greener, fairer and more sustainable economy.

Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment is multifaceted: we support communities in Central Tanzania thanks to our charity Hakuna Matata; we are actively committed to carbon neutrality and have put into action our carbon off-setting project; we strongly believe in valuing talent by working on educational training programmes for the future generation leaders.


Algebris considers engagement a major element of its investment activities. As an active manager, we strongly believe in the importance of discussing ESG issues with companies to improve their handling, including disclosure. Leveraging the power of investors to trigger positive change will help shape a more sustainable future.

Policies and Disclosures

With a dedicated ESG team across 5 functions, Algebris fully embraces the growing importance of assessing and engaging on ESG and sustainability in its investment processes and wider activities.