Algebris Sustainable Bond Fund

The Fund aims at generating an attractive level of income in the medium term focusing on high quality credit and resilient corporates on a global basis.

The Fund provides a low beta alternative to our flexible solutions in global credit, through a balanced exposure across sectors and by concentrating in areas that offer an attractive risk-return.

The Fund also has a sustainable investment objective within the meaning of Article 9 of the SFDR

Currency exposure is systematically hedged vis-à-vis the base currency of the Fund (Euro).

The Fund can be classified and treated as a non-complex financial instrument within the meaning of MiFID II.


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ESG Report

Fund Terms

  • Inception date: 22nd May 2023
  • Domicile: Ireland
  • Liquidity: Daily
  • Base currency: Euro
  • Risk profile (SRRI): 3
  • SFDR Classification: Art. 9
Note: The synthetic risk and reward indicator (SRRI) is based on historical data and may not be a reliable indication for the future. It is calculated using the volatility of the Fund’s weekly performance over a five-year period. A score of 3 means the Fund's historic volatility is between 2% - 5%

Class Terms

  • Management fee: p.a.
  • Incentive fee:
  • Minimum investment: €
  • BBG ticker:
  • ISIN:
  • Status:

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Figures are based on net returns including admin, management and incentive fees and including ADL (Anti-Dilution Levy) where applicable. Further information is contained in the Prospectus. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Source: BNP Paribas Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited.