Algebris Investments launches Sustainable Bond strategy

London, 29th June 2023 – Global asset manager Algebris Investments today announces the launch of the Algebris Sustainable Bond Fund (the “Fund”). Gabriele Foà, Portfolio Manager, and the Algebris Global Credit team will manage the Fund. The team also benefits from the industry expertise of Antonio Volpin, Senior Investment Director, the use of the ESG framework developed by Silvia Merler, Head of ESG & Policy Research, and the expertise of Simone Ragazzi, Portfolio Manager for Algebris Sustainable World Fund (Article 9).

The new Fund will invest globally in fixed income securities issued by high quality, resilient companies across a range of geographies and sectors aiming at long-term, consistent results.

Reshaping economic activity towards sustainable development has become crucial in a world that faces an exponential increase in resource scarcity. The strategy allows investors to access a wide range of opportunities across several areas critical to sustainable development and builds on Algebris’s long-standing commitment to responsible investing.

The Fund has a sustainable investment objective to generate a positive impact on environmental and social standards. It is labelled as Article 9 under the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). The Fund will adopt a fundamental, bottom-up approach, and employ best-in-class ESG criteria when determining which securities to invest in. The Fund’s currency exposure is systematically hedged via the Fund’s base currency (Euro).

Gabriele Foà, Portfolio Manager of the Algebris Sustainable Bond Fund, comments:

“The Algebris Sustainable Bond Fund adds to our existing global credit offering by providing a long-only, low-beta alternative to our flexible solutions in this space. Drawing on the expertise of both our global credit and ESG teams, the strategy will invest in high-quality companies which offer relatively high spread within the new fixed income environment. Our ESG framework, centred on issuer rather than security selection, together with our in-house credit expertise across sectors, means the portfolio is focused on companies with healthy business models and sound financial metrics. Our portfolio targets a 200-300 spread range for a solid set of issuers. This way, our credit selection process combines attractive risk-reward with sustainability.”